Washington D.C at night – A unique perspective!

Washington D.C – the name itself resonates power and glory. The city exemplifies a rich history and culture and can never fail to leave its mark on you. I always wanted to visit D.C and get drenched in its monumental legacy but when I did, all I had was just one night to explore the place! Truth be told, I haven’t seen the monuments shining in the bright light of the day, so I can’t really tell you which one is better, but what I saw was no less than a spectacle. 

When I and my husband arrived at National Mall, it was past midnight but there were so many people out there that it felt like an evening stroll! 😛  As we walked towards Lincoln Memorial, we could see it beautifully glowing in the darkness. It appeared so benign, so solemn and stood there so gloriously, that the look of it was enough to instill a sense of pride.


As we walked up the stairs, we could see the iconic statue of Lincoln sitting on a chair. The place was surrounded with some of his greatest speeches and quotes. 


The 19 foot tall statue looks imposing as though he is sitting right there looking at you. Abraham Lincoln was not only the 16th President of the United States of America but also a national hero. I explicitly remembered reading about his works for abolishing slavery in US. Truly, Lincoln Memorial is an epitome of reverence for a great leader like him.

Each and every column at the memorial reverberates with history. The interior is divided into three chambers, using two rows of four Ionic columns. While north side chamber contains a carved inscription of Lincoln’s second inaugural address, the southern chamber boasts of his Gettysburg address.

Trivia:It is said that the 221 foot wide Lincoln memorial is just little more than half of the construction that you are viewing. The foundation of it actually extends around 66 feet underground so as to support the weight of the marble structure!!! 😉

If history doesn’t enamor you, take a walk outside or sit on the stairs of the memorial and enjoy the beautiful serenity as you look at the Washington Memorial shining across the Reflecting Pool. It is like a photographer’s paradise. Every angle reveals an extraordinary beauty of the place. I haven’t been able to capture it all ( I am still an amateur one ;)), but here are a few of them:

Just a short walk from Lincoln Memorial is the pristine World War II memorial. I called it pristine because it has been created beautifully to dedicate to all those who served in the Armed Forces or as Civilians during World War II. The memorial contains 56 granite columns that symbolize unity among the 48 states, seven federal territories and the District of Columbia.The columns are placed in the form of an arch surrounding a plaza and a fountain.


As we walked around it, we felt like we had been teleported to a different era all together. The place has been so uniquely built with inscriptions all around the place that time stood still as we gazed awestruck at each and every column . The fountain is simply spectacular and adds a breathtaking serenity to the place. It was pretty quiet at that time of the night but the sombre yet touching memorial rendered us speechless for a brief period of time. 


There are 4048 gold stars on the Freedom Wall, one star for every 100 Americans that died in WWII. I think it was a beautiful way of reminding everyone of the sacrifice made by so many people so that we could lead a beautiful life.

Just next to it is the Washington Monument standing tall. It is one of the striking structure at Washington DC. It is visible from a long distance and looks majestic at night.  I had  seen this piece of beauty so many times on TV and postcards, but standing there and looking at it was a whole other experience. I couldn’t believe that this 554 feet tall iconic structure was 125 years old!! It was built to commemorate the first president of United States of America – George Washington.

We spent some time walking around it, enjoying the mild breeze blowing through our hair. The flags fluttered in the wind and distant sound of the traffic was barely audible. It was so relaxing to be just standing there lost in our thoughts. We had completely lost track of time and by the time we realized it was almost nearing 2 am!!

As we made our way back, I couldn’t help thinking that if a place can look so hauntingly beautiful at night, how beautiful it must appear during daytime! I plan to visit it again..probably sometime during the cherry blossom festival and bask in its floral beauty!! 😉





Picture Courtsey – Sourabh Sankhe
Historical Information Source – Wikipedia and Lincoln Memorial Facts

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